You feel alone and scared because you don’t have a match and can’t seem to find one no matter how hard you try.

When it happened to our creator's daughter, Natasha, he searched for almost four years for a bone marrow donor and was forced to watch her suffer through countless chemotherapy sessions, choke down hundreds of pills and take in a river of transfusions.

He also witnessed the death of comrades and friends whom either never found a donor or it took them so long to find one that he believes their bodies and spirits were just too tired to be cured.

Most terribly, in his desperation, he lost someone that he loved more than life itself simply because no one was there to reinforce his growing belief about the dangers that a partially matched bone marrow transplant as opposed to cord blood transplant pose for mixed heritage and other hard-to-match people.

But things are changing and we’re dedicated to help usher in better outcomes for hard-to-match people. The fact is that more and more transplant centers are choosing to do cord blood transplants for patients who do not have a related or perfectly matched, unrelated bone marrow donor.

Before Natasha went into the hospital, she told her father that she understood that she may never benefit from the things he was trying to do for her, but that others hopefully would.

We can’t guarantee you anything, but we pray that those others will include you.

Please contact us when you're ready.

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